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Get the Greatest Return from Your Online Advertising

Keys to Success with Banner, Video, and PPC Ads

In this webinar, you learn how to best approach the online advertising landscape to drive service-line success and support the organization’s brand. You’ll gain a full appreciation of how to use different digital tools – display banners, video, mobile, pay-per-click (PPC), social media ads, and others – to boost awareness and drive patient volume.

The program covers:

  • How to approach online advertising.
  • Lessons from extensive online advertising at a Northern California system.
  • How banner ads and search marketing lifted patient portal sign-ups and increased cancer center appointments in Cleveland.
  • PPC and display banner success achieved by a Michigan system.

Held July 17, 2014, this 90-minute program included time for questions and answers.


Developing a Unified Brand for Today’s Health Care

This special webinar provides you with a step-by-step process to assess your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, and validity for the future. You will learn how to understand key drivers of consumer preference, secure leadership support and buy-in for a branding evaluation, and execute the key components that go into building a great health care brand.

The program covers:

* The latest trends in health care branding and best practices for developing a re-branding program. * Yale New Haven Health’s journey to align its brand strategy with a new business vision. * How a large health system created a unified brand and its positive results.

Held April 24, 2014, this 90-minute program included time for questions and answers.


How to Use Analytics to Drive Marketing Decisions and Service Line Success

Measuring the value of your marketing programs and fine-tuning executions to maximize effectiveness and minimize costs have never been more important.

This special webinar provides you with a clear understanding of how to use marketing analytics. It will give you detailed guidance on how to use analytics to craft your marketing messages, employ the most appropriate marketing channels in both digital and traditional forms, and target audiences more precisely to optimize your results and ROI. Most important, it will take a topic that can be very complex and make it simple and understandable.

The program provides in-depth coverage of:

* The Ins and Outs of Google and Other Analytics. * Ten Advanced Google Analytics Tools Used by a National Healthcare Organization. * How an Ohio Health System Employed Analytics to Significantly Drive Growth of Its Orthopedics Services.

Held March 26, 2014, this 90-minute program included time for questions and answers.


Marketers’ Important Role in Population Health Management

Everyone seems to be talking about population health management. But do you really know how population health fits into health reform? Do you understand what it means to be an accountable care organization or ACO? Is it right for your institution to take the lead – and if so – how should you prepare? Do you know the ways in which health care organizations across the country are embracing wellness, while still growing their patient base to support the current reimbursement model?

In this program, you will:

* Understand population health management and how to bridge the gap with the current reimbursement system. * Learn about an Indiana health system’s journey to becoming an ACO. * Discover how an Ohio health system has made promoting lifelong health the focus of all brand and service line marketing.

Held February 26, 2014, this 90-minute program included time for questions and answers.


How to Boost Service Line Growth and Profits Through Digital Marketing
Plus the Supporting Role of Traditional Media

Under ever-greater budget constraints, marketers are looking for smarter, more cost-effective ways to dial up the performance of their organization’s service lines. In this webinar, you learn how digital marketing efforts – paid search, banner ads, social media, email, website landing pages, and other tools and strategies – can boost your key service lines. You’ll also gain an appreciation for how traditional media used in concert with newer channels can further advance your initiatives.

The program provides in-depth coverage of:

* The results achieved by an Iowa critical access hospital in a campaign for a high-tech service. * The payoff from two very different campaigns initiated by a Florida system. * Why content made all the difference in a public hospital’s promotion of bariatrics. * The latest trends in digital marketing.

Held February 13, 2014, this 90-minute program included time for questions and answers.


Establish Your Organization as a Wellness Champion
Marketing Strategies to Promote Wellness and Acquire Patients

This webinar presents a new way of looking at wellness and provides participants with a practical model for integrating wellness with their marketing efforts to attract patients. The presenters – all seasoned marketing practitioners – share their strategies for weaving together health promotion and patient acquisition along all points of a “wellness spectrum.” You will learn about integrated efforts involving specific service lines, area employers, community collaborations, health system employees, and special events and activities.

The program provides comprehensive coverage of:

* The “wellness spectrum” and how health promotion helps attract patients at each stage. * A step-by-step framework for integrating wellness with your current marketing strategies. * Wellness as a new brand position as exemplified by Loma Linda University Health in its quest for regional and national recognition. * Community health education as a strategic corporate goal as practiced by Princeton HealthCare System. * Wellness and marketing integration examples from a number of diverse organizations in addition to the two case studies.

Held May 23, 2013, this 90-minute program included time for questions and answers.


Today’s Mobile Opportunity
Websites, Apps, QR Codes, Search, and Advertising

This information-rich conference details the many business, clinical, and marketing applications possible with mobile communications. You’ll get information on how to formulate a winning mobile strategy and maximize emerging mobile marketing opportunities. The program provides in-depth coverage of:

* The latest trends in mobile usage, marketing with QR codes, and mobile websites and apps. * The advantages of mobile advertising in health care. * How a California system found success with mobile search. * How QR codes rewarded a Midwest health system. * How other health care organizations have implemented their mobile marketing strategy.

Held September 14, 2012, this 90-minute program included time for questions and answers.


How to Reorganize Your Marketing Department for the Digital Age
Insights from a National Survey and Key Practitioners

If you are not sure how to structure your marketing department to best take advantage of the new world of digital opportunities, then you’ll find this audio conference packed full of useful tips, strategies, and best practices. You’ll hear from four marketing and Web professionals who have undertaken a journey to change the way their departments operate. You’ll also learn the results of a new survey.

You receive in-depth coverage of how:

* A 200-bed hospital expanded its Web resources and staff to better compete against large health systems in its Michigan market. * An integrated health care system used research on the current and future digital landscape to significantly reorder marketing resources. * An academic medical center dramatically reorganized its marketing department to address the changing communications landscape. * Nationwide, organizations reallocated marketing budgets, identified key skills, and dug in to make the changes necessary for success in the coming years.

Held April 19, 2012, the 90-minute audio conference included time for questions and answers.


How to Succeed with Paid Search Marketing
Key Insights from Four Experts to Boost Results

The majority of health care organizations are running paid search programs. Yet less than 10 percent report being very satisfied with their results. If you are among those organizations that want to improve their paid search results – or want to launch a successful paid search program – you will benefit from this special conference. The program is designed to give you information to maximize your marketing investment and build your organization’s revenue.

You receive details on:

* Best paid search practices that make sense for your organization. * Insights from Google on today’s health searches. * The search secrets of Cancer Treatment Centers of America. * Results and insights from a national survey of 160 health care organizations.

Held October 26, 2011, the 90-minute audio conference included time for questions and answers.


Marketing Physicians and Driving Hospital Revenue
Plus Results of National Survey on Physician Marketing Practices

In this audio conference, you learn how leading organizations promote their physicians online and offline. You’ll get insights from a national survey of 300 hospitals on their physician marketing practices. Learn what departments are involved in physician support. Find out what strategies and tactics – from online physician directories and video profiles to TV advertising and facilitation of doctor-to-doctor personal communication – pay the highest dividends. Get information for benchmarking your own support programs.

Includes coverage of:

* Results and insights from a national survey of more than 300 health care organizations. * A Wisconsin health system’s three-pronged effort to market physicians in a highly competitive market. * Efforts by a Nebraska children’s hospital to boost key service line volume and support physician practices. * The online initiative of a New Jersey community-based health system.

Held June 24, 2010, the 90-minute audio conference included time for questions and answers.



May 8-10, 2017: The 22nd Annual Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit. A leading conference for senior-level marketing, strategy, physician relations, sales, and business development executives from hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers, integrated networks, and medical groups. Austin, TX.

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June 5-7, 2017: Hospital Marketing National. Fourth annual meeting on best practices in marketing. Atlanta, GA. Sponsored by DTC Perspectives.

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September 24-27, 2017: AHA’s Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) Annual Conference. Ideas and best practices, recognized thought leaders, resources and solutions for marketing, public relations and communications, and strategic planning professionals. Orlando, FL.



October 22-24, 2017: 21st Annual Healthcare Internet Conference. The premier event for health care organizations to hear about the latest Web, digital, and technology initiatives. Special presentation of winners of the 2017 eHealthcare Leadership Awards. Austin, TX.



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