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Mobile Fail: How Healthcare Providers Are Dropping the Ball with SMS Marketing

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 11:33:00 AM

Sophorn Chhay

 by Sophorn Chhay

The business world is rife with all kinds of easily avoidable mobile marketing mistakes, and the healthcare industry is no exception. The relationship between healthcare professionals and their patients is a sacred one. Trust is paramount, but communication is equally important. While there may be no true substitute for face-to-face conversations, the busy lifestyle of today requires a little creativity in the communications department, and those in the know are turning to SMS marketing. So why aren’t healthcare providers jumping on board?

Here’s how what you don’t know can most definitely hurt you:

SMS really works
It’s not accurate to say the whole world texts, but it’s pretty close. Seventy-five percent of the mobile phones currently in use worldwide are SMS-enabled. That means there are a lot of people ready and well-equipped to receive your messages. In addition, texts have a staggeringly fantastic open rate of 98 percent compared with an open rate of just 22 percent for email, and consumers consider just 1 percent of the texts they receive to be spam. So why are so many businesses still relying on emails, which are so often deleted unread, instead of incorporating texts into the mobile marketing plan?

Automated text can make your life easier
Is marketing automation important? Experts have emphatically concluded that it is. There are many ways mobile marketing automation (MMA), in particular, can work for you. For the purposes of this blog, consider just text for a moment to:

  • Send patients appointment reminders
  • Let them know when they’re due for their annual checkup
  • Alert them to newly received test results
  • Distribute links to new Web content with relevant health-related insights
  • Encourage current patients to visit your mobile app for their yearly contact information update

SMS helps save money without sacrificing customer service
You can find an exceptional SMS marketing service that costs far less than the average salary of a medical office assistant or front-desk receptionist. Text won’t replace your office staff, but putting some of the more mundane tasks under the auspices of MMA software frees up staff members to concentrate their attention where it is truly needed.

Permission-based text messaging is an infinitely valuable tool for healthcare providers looking to connect with consumers and forge long-lasting – and mutually beneficial – relationships. With all these reasons to use SMS marketing, is there really any reason not to?
Sophorn Chhay is a marketing specialist with Trumpia, an Anaheim, CA-based provider of mobile messaging and cross-channel marketing automation software. You can follow Sophorn on Twitter (@Trumpia), LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+.



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