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List Rental Agreement

After submitting your list rental order, please supply the following information, which may be faxed to 914-967-3054:

  1. Submit the email copy or mailing piece, which can be in comp or sketch form, for review and approval.
  2. Complete the information below.

The following terms and conditions are applicable to the rental of Health Care Communications’ email or mailing list:

The names furnished are for one-time use only and may not be copied, duplicated, or reproduced in any form.

The list may only be used for the above-mentioned promotion, which has been submitted and approved.

Telephone solicitation of the names is not permitted.

If supplied electronically, the list may not be transferred to any computer file for use beyond the one-time use spelled out herein.

The mailer shall indemnify and hold harmless Health Care Communications against any claim, damage, expense, liability, or obligation incurred by reason of use of this list.


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