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Why Aren’t Consumers Looking to Hospital Websites for Patient Education?

When your patients have questions, where do they get their information? Google, Bing, Facebook, Pinterest, blogs? As providers, it is important that patients can quickly find medically accurate and up-to-date information from a credible source – and that source should be your organization.

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eHealthcare Leadership Awards Acquired by Plain-English Media

Plain-English Media, the parent company of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, is pleased to announce that it has recently acquired the eHealthcare Leadership Awards from Health Care Communications of Rye, NY. The annual competition gives healthcare organizations of all sizes the opportunity to shine the spotlight on their successful digital marketing and communications initiatives.

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A Recruiter’s Perspective on Today’s Healthcare Chief Marketing Officer

by Rachel Polhemus Being a Chief Marketing Officer in healthcare has always provided its own unique set of challenges. It has been an industry in which competition was subtle and marketing efforts focused on general reputation and long-term results. CMOs weren’t expected to be bold risk-takers. This of course is changing as patients are evolving into internet-savvy consumers who make... read more

Not Mobile-Friendly? Expect a Drop in Website Traffic

by Jeremy Dietz Here’s yet another compelling reason to make sure your hospital’s website provides a great experience to people who use mobile devices: Google has started to rank nonmobile websites even lower than before in searches conducted using mobile devices. Google began emphasizing mobile websites a couple of years ago by marking sites that it considered mobile-friendly... read more

Mobile Fail: How Healthcare Providers Are Dropping the Ball with SMS Marketing

by Sophorn Chhay The business world is rife with all kinds of easily avoidable mobile marketing mistakes, and the healthcare industry is no exception. The relationship between healthcare professionals and their patients is a sacred one. Trust is paramount, but communication is equally important. While there may be no true substitute for face-to-face conversations, the busy lifestyle of today... read more

Are Physicians Prepared for Advanced Care Planning?

by Carol Marak There is a geriatric population explosion in the United States, and policies for improving care and quality of life for the elderly have come to the forefront. Last year, Medicare modified payments to cover counseling sessions for providers and patients when discussing end-of-life issues. The topic is a sensitive one; having these discussions may lower health care spending.... read more

Bill Gates Was Wrong

by C. Todd Livengood Twenty years ago, Bill Gates wrote those now-famous words, “Content is king.” Now, two decades later, you can still hear those words in marketing conversations and literature. That said, it looks like Mr. Gates got it wrong – at least from the literal point of view. The recent meteoric rise in consumer demand for mobile content has businesses scrambling... read more

The Role of Communications in Electronic Health Records

by Angela Harless Preparing for and launching an electronic health record (EHR) is a challenge that should be supported by the organization’s communications department, operations, and clinical teams. If your communications team hasn’t been involved in the launch of your organization’s EHR – whether it’s a Cerner, EPIC, athenahealth, or another system –... read more

Total Market or Total Mess?

by Andy Bagnall In nearly 20 years in the multicultural health care space, my company has seen the industry use many different strategies – with varying degrees of success – to capture diverse patient populations and increase sales. The newest kid on the block these days is the idea of taking a total market approach. This approach considers all patients, including multicultural... read more

How Marketing and Patient Experience Teams Can Influence the Triple Aim

by Noel Coleman Every day, the country is pushing toward the triple aim of improving population health, reducing costs, and enhancing the patient experience. And we’re all thinking about how we can contribute to the movement. But while the speed of change seems to be at epic levels, a recent article in JAMA pointed out we can drive this change much faster if we design our systems... read more
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