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Welcome! Since 1984, Strategic Health Care Communications has supplied marketing, communications, and business development information of vital concern to health care organizations. 

Home of the eHealthcare Leadership Awards, this site also provides information on Web and marketing evaluation services, webinars, and other resources.

Blog: What’s Happening in eHealthcare

Strategic Health Care Communication

Mobile Fail: How Healthcare Providers Are Dropping the Ball with SMS Marketing

The relationship between healthcare professionals and their patients is a sacred one. While there may be no true substitute for face-to-face conversations, the busy lifestyle of today requires a little creativity in the communications department, and those in the know are turning to SMS marketing. So why aren’t healthcare providers jumping on board?

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Get the Greatest Return from Your Online Advertising

Keys to Success with Banner, Video, and PPC Ads

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Medicom Health Interactive

A leading developer of online health assessments and self-care planners that identify at-risk patients.

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