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Welcome! Since 1984, Strategic Health Care Communications has supplied marketing, communications, and business development information of vital concern to health care organizations. 

Home of the eHealthcare Leadership Awards, this site also provides information on Web and marketing evaluation services, webinars, and other resources.

Blog: What’s Happening in eHealthcare

Strategic Health Care Communication

Total Market or Total Mess?

In nearly 20 years in the multicultural health care space, my company has seen the industry use many different strategies – with varying degrees of success – to capture diverse patient populations and increase sales. The newest kid on the block these days is the idea of taking a total market approach.

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Healthcare webinars

Get the Greatest Return from Your Online Advertising

Keys to Success with Banner, Video, and PPC Ads

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Influence Health

Our platform enables providers, employers, and payers to positively influence consumer decision marking and health-behaviors.

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